Mountbatten murdered 35 years ago


This week marks the 35 year anniversary of the assassination of Lord Louis Mountbatten.

ANNIVERSARY: Lord Louis Mountbatten.
ANNIVERSARY: Lord Louis Mountbatten.

The former viceroy to India was a regular visitor to Mullaghmore in North Sligo where he owned a fishing vessel known as the Shadow V.

This week, a special remembrance ceremony was held in Mullaghmore to mark the anniversary of the tragedy.

In 1979, Mountbatten had decided to go fishing early in the morning of August 27. Before his assassination, Mountbatten had been warned about visiting Sligo by Gardaí.

Thomas McMahon, an IRA member and the man who was charged with killing Mountbatten, fitted a radio controlled bomb to the Shadow V the evening before.

The next morning the bomb was detonated as Mountbatten made his way into Donegal Bay. 14 year old Nicholas Knatchbull was killed instantly, along with Paul Maxwell from Fermangh. Mountbatten survived the explosion but later died from his injuries along with Lady Brabourne.

In the wake of the explosion, the IRA claimed responsibility for the attack. They issued a statement saying “the IRA claim responsibility for the death of Lord Mountbatten. This operation is one of the discriminate ways we can bring to the attention of the English people the continuing occupation of our country.”

On the same day as the explosion in Mullaghmore, 18 British soldiers were killed in an ambush that became known as the ‘Warrenpoint Ambush’.

Earlier this year President Michael D. Higgins paid a silent tribute to Lord Mountbatten when he was on an official State visit at Westminister Abeey where there is a memorial to the former Viceroy of India.

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