Thérapie Clinic to create 13 new jobs


Thérapie Clinic, Ireland’s leading laser and skin clinic, and its sister company Optilase, Ireland’s leading laser eye surgery clinic, are opening the doors to Sligo on Thursday June 4, with a new clinic on 40 O’Connell Street (formerly The Body Shop unit).

The opening of Thérapie Clinic and Optilase will create 13 new jobs for the local area. Thérapie Clinic will hire 10, while Optilase will employ 3 local people.
Thérapie Clinic and Optilase currently employs 200 local staff at its 13 clinics across Ireland.

Sligo is the 14th successful opening for the thriving young business, which was established in 2001.

The new Thérapie Clinic in Sligo will offer the full range treatments, including the best medical-grade laser hair removal and most advanced skincare and body treatments in Ireland. This includes the revolutionary new #LoveIrishSkin Laser 360 treatment that already has a waiting list for appointments!

Managing Director of Thérapie Clinic and Optilase, Phillip McGlade, says of the opening: “Offering superior products and treatments at affordable prices has been the key to success for Thérapie Clinic nationwide. We are now very excited to offer Sligo this same standard of service.”

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