Sligo Chamber to hold public meeting in June


Sligo Chamber of Commerce has issued an open invitation to the Sligo public to attend a meeting to discuss the economic development of the town.

The meeting “Moving Sligo Forward” will take place on Wednesday, June 24 at 7pm and comes in the wake of a tirade of abuse directed at the Chamber on social media.

The criticism came after details of a 2013 action taken by the chamber to oppose the selling of certain items at Homestore & More in Carraroe Retail Park resurfaced. The Chamber had opposed the selling of certain household items in the warehouse store, which they deemed in violation of the Sligo development plan.

Sligo Chamber’s Facebook page was inundated with critical messages from people, some of whom threatened to boycott the stores of Sligo members of the Chamber.

However, the Chamber itself refused to be drawn into a discussion, but instead said it would hold an open public meeting at which the future commercial development of the town would be discussed.

A press release issued by the Chamber on Tuesday read: “We invite all interested parties to debate the many issues relating to the economic development of Sligo, as well as the day-today activities and aims of the Chamber.

“The Chamber welcomes the chance to engage and come together with all interested parties in contributing to a constructive and frank conversation about Sligo’s future.

“We stress that everyone is welcome to attend including members of the public, local politicians, public officials and community leaders.”

The release also confirmed that Chamber President David Kiely and Chamber Chief Executive Paul Keyes will be there on the night to answer questions from the audience.

Paul Keyes said: “The core remit of the Chamber is to help Sligo grow and we welcome the chance to explain what we are doing, and to listen to other interested parties who share our ambition for the positive development of Sligo.”

The Chamber said it does intend to have an “independent moderator” to chair the meeting, so as to give as many as possible a chance to contribute.

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