Strandhill woman is ambassador for Global Wellness Day


Kira Walton, co-founder of luxury organic marine skincare brand, VOYA, has been announced as Ireland’s official ambassador for Global Wellness Day which takes place this Saturday, June 13. Global Wellness Day is an international non-profit organization which started as a social project created solely by volunteers.

AMBASSADOR: Kira Walton who is Ireland's ambassador for Global Wellness Day.
AMBASSADOR: Kira Walton who is Ireland’s ambassador for Global Wellness Day.

The concept is simple, that one day a year, (the second Saturday in June) is dedicated to honoring a universal acceptance of good living and a healthy lifestyle.

Kira Walton said that to draw attention to the basic need to feel well is extremely important in creating a healthy and happier world.

“Global Wellness Day has a natural fit with VOYA; both promoting a healthy balanced and contented lifestyle. We are encouraging our spa partners to take part in and host Global Wellness Day activities to boost awareness around this significant idea.”

The movement encourages everyone to focus on their own personal wellbeing, even for one day, outlining 7 possible manifestos:

– Drink more water
– Walk for a half hour every day
– Shop locally and eat organically
– Stop using plastic bottles
– Do a good deed every day
– Eat a family dinner
– Go to bed at 10pm.

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