Art exhibition to launch famous estate re-opening


A new chapter of reclamation will unfold for Hazelwood Estate this Sunday with the launch of a large-scale visual art exhibition in the old Saehan factory.

The exhibit, called ‘Magnetism’, will take over seven rooms of the site where the larger than life pieces of art will be displayed, including works by Ireland’s Garrett Phelan and internationally acclaimed names such as Lucy Andrews, Mikala Dwyer, Igor Grubic, Siobhan Hapaska, Aleksandra Mir and Laura Morrison.

Key works include Mir’s Plane Landing (2003-ongoing) a purpose-designed helium balloon in the shape and size of a passenger jet plane, Hapaska’s Downfall (2009) which consists of eleven olive trees that hang horizontally in space and continuously shake.

The show also features a programme of VHS based artworks entitled REWIND <PLAY> FASTFORWARD selected with an international team of researcher/curators.

‘Magnetism’ is an important first step in reopening the gates of the estate, particularly during the 150th anniversary of the birth of W.B. Yeats who had strong associations with Hazelwood.

“It is a wonderful place full of treasures of the past and we want to open the doors again for the public to enjoy. We are delighted to be doing this for the first time with Magnetism” said Sue Raethorne, who owns the estate with her husband, David.

“The old Snia/Saehan factory was viewed by many as a blot on the landscape of this beautiful Estate, however it has its own unique majesty. A huge industrial space, it will be one of the largest indoor spaces, if not the largest, that visual art has been exhibited in Ireland and we want to harness that, to really make use of the dimensions and capacity available to us and create new memories for the visitor on the Estate.”

‘Magnetism’ at Hazelwood Estate opens to the public on Sunday, June 28 and runs until Sunday, September 27.

It is open from 12 noon-7pm, Tuesdays to Sundays (Closed Mondays). Admission is €2.50 per adult, €2 for Seniors and Students in full time education. Children under 12 are free of charge.

Free admission for Sligo residents on the first Tuesday of every month who bring something with you that has your name and address on it for proof of residence.

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