Sligo student wants to get to Berlin, by any means


A student from Sligo is set to blag, beg and steal his way to Germany in the name of charity.

EUROTRIP: Ryan Feehily (right) and Hugh Lennon will endeavor to reach Berlin without the use of their own funds.
EUROTRIP: Ryan Feehily (right) and Hugh Lennon will endeavor to reach Berlin without the use of their own funds.

Ryan Feehily, who currently attends Dublin City University, is taking on the ‘Race to Berlin’ challenge, a now annual event which requires students to travel to a certain location by any means necessary.

“There is an Enterprise Society here in DCU and they run this event every year. This is the third year they are doing it and it has just gotten bigger and bigger. The first year they were in Cork, last year it was Edinburgh and now it is going to Berlin this year,” Ryan explained.

Ryan, along with fellow student Hugh Lennon, have seen their upcoming adventure met with mixed responses, but the Sligo native emphasised that it was an experience they could not pass up.

“I have never done anything like this. This is a completely new experience to me. I am just taking a risk and going for it. My mum nearly started crying when I said I would be winging it to Berlin next month, a lot of people think I am crazy, but the point of it is that it is supposed to be an experience that you are going to remember for the rest of your life and you won’t get the chance to do something like this again.”

The pair will not be banking on finding a direct route to the German capital and are willing to get there by taking even the most inconvenient scenic routes.
“We have booked flights in advance to get back from Berlin but the thing is we could end up anywhere. We are encouraged to take whatever flight we can possibly get, even if it is to Istanbul. They don’t want us waiting around at an airport for seven hours, if there is a flight available in two hours we have to take it wherever it is going once it gets you to Berlin.”

For the full interview with Ryan, pick up a copy of this week’s Sligo Weekender newspaper. In shops now!

Online donations are currently being accepted for this venture and can be made by visiting and choosing Yunting Berlin, Ryan and Hugh’s team name. All proceeds will go towards the Irish Cancer Society for ‘Movember’.

You can also track their progress by following them on Twitter (@RyanAndHughBBS) and Instagram (@YuntingBerlin).

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