Sligo community spirit saves stranded bikers


The generosity of Sligo people helped a stranded German couple to continue their tour of Ireland on two wheels.

HELP: German couple Dan and Lola in Bonus Beds with staff.
HELP: German couple Dan and Lola in Bonus Beds with staff.

Dan and Lola Storup have been traveling the world on a motorcycle for the last seven years, their journey funded primarily by the money they make by busking.

Most nights the couple sleep in a tent which is easily strapped to the back of their Suzuki motorcycle. They make what money they can from busking and when they have enough for food and fuel, they move onto another town.

In June, Dan and Lola arrived in Sligo. It was in the centre of Sligo town that unfortunately, their motorcycle broke down. Through busking over a long period of time, the couple had been able to save a reasonable amount of money to use in emergencies. However, the cost to repair the motorcycle was unexpectedly high and Dan and Lola were faced with a bill which drained all of their emergency reserve money.

To make matters worse, what they had saved didn’t cover the full bill. This meant they couldn’t even get their beloved motorcycle back until the bill was paid. Dan and Lola were stranded.

It would have taken days, possibly weeks of busking before Dan and Lola could afford to pay off their bill and continue on their journey. This is when they were lucky enough to meet local biker, Mick Hoare, his partner Ella Nawrot and their friends David Hennessy, Tommy McLoughlin and Tracey McLoughlin.

HELPFUL: Eamonn Cunningham of EJ's Menswear who helped out the biker couple.
HELPFUL: Eamonn Cunningham of EJ’s Menswear who helped out the biker couple.

Mick is president of the Sligo based motorcycle club, Celtic Clan MCC. Through Mick and Ella, Dan and Lola were fed and given a roof over their heads while they tried to come up with a solution to their problem.

Mick, Ella and Celtic Clan took it upon themselves to see to it that Dan and Lola’s journey would continue. They didn’t want the worldwide travellers’ lasting memory of Sligo to be a bitter one. So, through sheer kindness and Sligo community spirit, the money was raised in just a couple of days.

Upon hearing Dan and Lola’s story, donations flooded in from several local people and businesses, including The Alteration Centre, Fat Cat Tattoo, Bonus Beds, Ward’s Pharmacy, Ej Menswear, L’s Angel Driving Academy, McGarrigles and The Swagman, to name but a few.

Dan and Lola were delighted and incredibly grateful to everybody that helped them in their hour of need. The motorcycle repairs bill was paid and they even had a little extra to see them on their way.

On July 4 they hit the road, left Sligo and headed South down the Wild Atlantic Way.

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