‘Bring your own booze’ described as ‘crazy scheme’


‘Bring your own booze’ described as ‘crazy scheme’

A bring your own booze event for a Sligo nightclub has been described by a judge as a “crazy scheme”.

District Court Judge Kevin Kilrane rejected an application by Daniel McGarrigle from 6th on Teeling for Thursday, February 2, which advertised a bring your own alcohol event.

Under the promotion, patrons would be allowed to bring in six cans and 500mls of spirits and unlimited mixers.

Judge Kilrane said that the concept behind it was “wrong from beginning to end”.

He said that it was not a a novel scheme as described by the applicant but a “desperate scheme” and that the event would be impossible to control and would have chaos inside the venue.

He said that rows would break out between people over how much they each had and there could be any type of brew brought in to the venue.

It is a crazy scheme,”the judge commented.

The applicant Daniel McGarrigle agreed to not run the bring your own alcohol promotion for next Thursday.

McGarrigle told the court that the nature of the publican’s business has changed and the biggest for pubs and clubs is house parties and off licences.

Inspector Paul Kilcoyne objected to the application, raising concerns about the amount and quality of the drink involved and the potential consequences.

The court heard that Daniel McGarrigle had paid €14,000 which was a non-refundable fee for the act booked for Thursday, the night of the promotion, and asked for a normal exemption for the event instead.

Judge Kilrane said he would consider the application for a normal exemption tomorrow under condition that he is shown what is going to be on the nightclub’s website to make clear for patrons that they would not be allowed to bring their own drink to the venue for the event.

The case was adjourned to Carrick-on-Shannon court tomorrow, Friday.

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