Hotelier’s comments come under fired

Francis Brennan's comments caused controversy this week.

FRANCIS Brennan, renowned hotelier has come under fire for his comments about Sligo in a recent interview.

The TV personality, who was in Sligo as recently as last Friday to help promote a volunteer program his niece is involved in, came under fire for comments about Sligo he made in an interview with The Sunday Business Post.

In the interview Francis Brennan said that Sligo people “wouldn’t work in a fit.”

“My vision of Sligo is always outside the Post Office, 15 fellas smoking and collecting their dole,” he commented.

The comments have since made headlines nationally and caused a stir at local level. Cllr Marie Casserly, Mayor of Sligo expressed her disquiet at the remarks.

“It’s disappointing because everybody is working very hard on the ground to promote Sligo positively and I don’t think it’s a fair reflection of Sligo.

“I invite him to Sligo to have a tour of the county and to see the fantastic work that is being done.

“We have an awful lot of what Kerry doesn’t have. We don’t want to be like Kerry. We are Sligo and we are proud. We have something very unique to offer,” the Mayor said.

Additionally, Georgie Gorman, the well-known singer and entertainer from Sligo also criticised the remarks.

In an interview on Ocean FM he said “I can’t understand for a man of his intelligence how he could come out with that.”

“He didn’t only run down Sligo people but he ran down Sligo town as well,” he commented.

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