Epic swan rescue at Lough Talt

LOVE BIRDS: Alex the swan on Lough Talt with his female counterpart.

THE narrative could be the basis for a Disney Movie.

A swan who was in danger of choking was rescued from Lough Talt and last week and this weekend was reunited with his female companion in a touching scene on the south Sligo lake.

Alex the swan as he is known, was seen on Lough Talt with a bubble used for fishing dangling from his beak, the result of a hook attached to a line which was caught in the bird’s throat and would have killed him.

The discovery was made by Brenda Mannion who got in touch with animal rescue sites to tell them that Alex was in distress.

Kildare Animal Rescue search Facebook for stories such as Alex’s and if possible come and help. It was through Faecbook that Alexander Kronsteiner made his way to Sligo to help Alex the swan.

“We seen on Facebook that a swan was on Lough Talt for almost a week and he had a bubble dangling out of his throat and possibly a hook caught in his throat,” Alexander told the Sligo Weekender.

The full story of the rescue can be found in this week’s Sligo Weekender- in shops now.


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