Council’s Lissadell costs to be €3.68 million

COSTS: Costs of the legal case between the owners of Lissadell House and Sligo County Council have been revealed at the annual budget meeting for the local authority.

IT was revealed at the annual budget meeting for Sligo County Council that the cost pertaining to the Lissadell legal case will costs in the region of €3.68 million.

The figure was given to elected members of the council by CEO Ciaran Hayes who said that the council had received word on the costs at close of business on Wednesday of last week.

CEO Hayes said that the news would bring “closure to a difficult situation for Sligo” and that he envisaged it would “conclude in 2018 or early 2019.”

He broke down the three areas which the council will be considering when they entering into negotiations for the payment of costs to the owners of Lissadell House.

These areas are the full costs of contingent liability- €3.68 million, the second area was the final determination of those costs and the final area would be the proposals for where the council will find the monies to meet the cost of the case.

In relation to the costs of €3.68 million, the CEO explained that these costs were “highly likely to change but will not increase.”

Ciaran Hayes said that the council had two revenue streams from which money to meet the costs could be garnered.

These are €750,000 owed to the Council by the Department of Environment and also money from Irish Public Bodies, a council insurer who will be distributing €200 million to its members of which Sligo County Council will have in the region of €2.4 million.

More from this story, including reaction from councillors will be in this week’s Sligo Weekender.

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Council's Lissadell costs to be €3.68 million, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings