Sligo woman feels that her late father ‘sent’ her €15k prize

WINNINGS: Peter Smith Chairman of Sligo Credit Union presents Georgina Hudson her winning cheque of €15,000. Also in the picture is Dean Deering, William Hudson Deering and Collette Hamilton of Sligo Credit Union.

By John Bromley

The winner of the top prize of €15,000 in Sligo Credit Union’s first big draw of the year is convinced that her late father “sent” her the prize.

And for the winner Georgina Hudson the win could not have come at a better time as she is getting married in August.

It is because of the circumstances of her win that Georgina feels that her father Willie, who passed away 13 years ago, had a hand in things.

Georgina told the Sligo Weekender: “I had only applied to the Credit Union on the Tuesday for a wedding loan and the most they will give you for that is €15,000. Then on the Friday evening I won €15,000 in the draw.

“I’m fully convinced my father sent it to me. I know if he was here he would have given it to me”, she said.

It is also the first time that she has won any draw.

Georgina’s father Willie was a very well-known figure in soccer in Sligo, both through Sligo Rovers and Junior Soccer.

Georgina, who is from Garavogue in Sligo town, will be marrying her finance Dean Deering from Doorly Park in her local St Anne’s Church, with the reception in the Sligo Park Hotel.

She said the €15,000 will come in very useful for the wedding.

“It will put a little dent in it anyway”, she said.

Georgina has been a long-time saver with the Credit Union. “I started saving when I was 15 and I’m now 42.”

Apart from Georgina there were 31 other happy winners of cash prizes, which ranged from the €15,000 down to €250.

A spokesperson for the Credit Union said they would like to offer Georgina and Dean their best wishes for their wedding in August.

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