Council urged to respect burial traditions in cemetery extension

Work is due to begin on the extension at Sligo cemetery in April

Sligo County Council have been asked to respect burial traditions when opening the new extension of Sligo Cemetery.

A number of concerns were raised at the Munipal District meeting of the council on Monday that the Christian tradition of burying the deceased facing east must
not be overlooked with the current layout suggesting that people will be buried facing north.

Cllr Declan Bree said: “I note that according to the schedule of works the planned works in the new extension to the cemetery in Sligo are expected to commence next month with a completion date by the end of June. I understand that concern has been expressed regarding the plans for the new extension.”

“It is a Christian tradition that people are buried facing East,” he continued.

“Others religions practise this also. However I understand that the plans for the new extension to the cemetery propose that people will be buried facing North.”

Cllr Tom MacSharry also warned that breaking this tradition could lead to unnecessary complications.

“I believe this has happened elsewhere in Ireland where there was a compliance issue, so I hope it didn’t result in legal action against the local authority in that case, so I would ask that you would take the concerns of the church on board to the best of your ability and avoid any unnecessary situation.”

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