A strong voice

Corey Whyte.

Corey Whyte – Independent

COREY WHYTE is an independent candidate running in Sligo-Drumcliffe.
He has been an active member of the community and has been on several campaigns which have influenced him to run.

“Having been involved with numerous community groups and campaigns over the last ten years such as Yes Equality, Right2Water and more I saw the change that was possible when communities stood together. After gaining experience from those campaigns, and with encouragement from family and friends, I decided that change was possible,” Corey said.

If elected, Corey will be the youngest councillor, but hopes that youth and enthusiasm will blend with his experience.

He said: “As the youngest candidate on the Sligo-Drumcliffe ballot I feel there are a number of issues such as housing, rural infrastructure and mental health which need to be addressed. Speaking with people during my campaign, there does appear to be a disconnect between citizens and local government, a disconnect I wish to abolish.”

“For over ten years I have worked on campaigns intended to enhance Sligo. Whether it was on political or community campaigns around mental health or housing, I have looked to work with people who are dedicated to enhancing our county. If elected, I aim to work as hard the first year as I would the last. However, there are some issues that are more immediate, such as housing and rural infrastructure.”

“Communities have rallied together and fought hard for any progress we have seen in the last number of years. It is time the hard work by communities was matched by a strong voice at local government to speak to the needs of the area.”

Corey’s message to the electorate is that he will be an independent voice.

“Being an independent candidate allows me to be a strong voice for Sligo-Drumcliffe, accountable only to the people and not a party. If people are looking for a candidate with experience, who works hard, is unafraid to speak up and that will represent their interests then I would ask them to vote for me on May 24,” he said.

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