Fighting for jobs

Romuald Mullarkey.

Romuald Mullarkey – Fianna Fail

ROMUALD MULLARKEY is a first-time candidate running for Fianna Fáil in the Ballymote-
Tubbercurry area.

Romuald’s background is in business and farming and he has operated Mullarkey’s Furniture in Tubbercurry.

It is his business background, blended with his on the ground knowledge of his area which
influenced his decision to run.

“I have always had a flair for politics. As well as that, my father would have said to me, if
a job is worth doing, then it is worth doing right. I watched the decline of rural towns and villages throughout the years and I have always felt that we are not getting a fair crack of the whip. I have watched Tubbercurry lose 200-250 jobs and even in the week I was asked to run, Basta was closing. If someone doesn’t stand who is involved in the area then there
may be no local representation.”

“I am from a farming and business background. I have been in business for over 25 years and both my father and uncle were in business before me. I learned a lot from them and I have a lot of practical experience. I know the struggles that people have in getting things up and running. I seen the boom and bust but I try to keep things conservative and that has worked out for me. I hope to bring that common-sense approach if I am elected. I want to see small towns and villages in Sligo regenerated and place emphasis on small businesses,” he said.

Romuald feels there are many people in his area who do not feel listened to and he hopes to address this and also make rural Ireland a place to do business

“A lot of people feel put out because they don’t feel they are listened to. I would like address things like rates for start-up business to encourage entrepreneurs and try to breathe life back into rural towns. I would like to see people making use of some of the vacant places we have across the county and that person has a chance if those incentives are there,” he said.

In his first year, if elected, Romuald has a clear mandate.

“The big local issue here is Lough Talt water. It is being kicked about here by Irish Water, the council and Europe. I am hoping that it will be sorted and in the meantime I would be pushing for a mobile unit for people to have clean running water. We are not a third world country and the people of south Sligo deserve to have clean running water,” he said.

Romuald paid tribute to his predecessor, Jerry Lundy, who he said has left “huge shoes to
fill” but hopes he can continue Jerry’s work to represent South Sligo.

“Voting for me is a vote to fight for jobs in rural Ireland, to highlight South Sligo as a location for a work life balance, fighting for a primary care centre in Tubbercurry and also seeing a greater emphasis placed on mental health services for those suffering with mental health issues,” he said.

Romuald held his launch of his campaign for election in Killoran’s in Tubbercury on March 23.

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