‘I’ll be a voice for both rural and urban Sligo’

Seamus Kilgannon

Seamus Kilgannon – Fianna Fail

FIANNA FÁIL councillor Séamus Kilgannon wants to be a voice for both rural and urban Sligo.

Cllr Kilgallon is running for re-election off the back of what he feels was five years of positive development for Sligo County Council and he feels he can be a part of a potentially greater five years ahead for the county.

“I am a full-time public representative and have been for the last five years and I feel I still have a contribution to make. I will put that to the people over the next couple of months and if they return me I will work as I have always done to the best of my ability and do a good job for the county. A number of projects have been announced in Sligo over the last year and when you think about it they have been on the agenda of Sligo County Council for many years like the N4, Western Distributor Road, the Eastern Bridge and the O’Connell Street upgrade,” he continued.

“It should be an exciting time to be involved in promoting Sligo for jobs and tourism and with the knowledge I have gained in my time as a public representative I feel I can progress that and help make Sligo an even more attractive place to come to live, work and study.”

A candidate for the Sligo-Drumcliffe area, Cllr Kilgannon says there are a lot of rural issues that still need to be addressed.

“I am from a rural background and I am running in a rural area this time around. Rural services and rural isolation are areas all of us need to work on to make sure that part of Sligo isn’t forgotten about. Delivering a quality broadband infrastructure is also a priority, from where I live in Sligo you only need to drive ten minutes away before you are in places that have no broadband, so we need to change that.”

In addition to the development of rural roads and upgrading IT Sligo to a university status, he stresses that the improvement of Sligo University Hospital is crucial to the overall growth of the county.

“Retention and development of services at the hospital are crucial. A decision has to be made to upgrade the hospital to the level it needs to be at, around €80m to €100m would be needed for that. “We had Dr Fergal Hickey in with making a presentation to the council explaining how if Sligo is going to develop, the hospital has to develop with it so we will be hoping it is a case of sooner rather than later when that money is there for it.”

Cllr Kilgallon’s main message to the electorate is that he will work on behalf of the people
and ensure rural Sligo is not forgotten about.

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