Proven track record

Nigel Gallagher .

Nigel Gallagher – People Before Profit

NIGEL GALLAGHER is one of the younger representatives to run for election
this year.

His involvement in politics was born out frustration in 2008.

“I came out of college just after the economic crash in 2008-2009 and opportunities were scarce for young people in the west of Ireland. My friends either emigrated or moved from Sligo. Ordinary people were paying a heavy price for the gambling and greed of a tiny minority in this country. I felt a deep injustice and I wanted to fight-back and try to change things for the better. Since then I’ve been involved in activism and community work,” he said.

Although he will be a new councillor if elected, Nigel is experienced in the realm of politics.

“I have a proven track record of building progressive campaigns both locally and nationally. I was centrally involved in the campaigns to Repeal the 8th Amendment, the Right 2 Water campaign, Yes Equality and I am currently building campaigns around health and housing. I am active in my community; I co-founded my local Youth Club where I volunteer as a Youth Leader. I am also involved in community development in my local area. I hope to use the council as a platform to continue to build grassroots campaigns and fight for what matters in my community. I have a fresh approach to politics and feel I have the energy, enthusiasm and ideas to be an effective councillor for the people of Sligo,” he explained.

Nigel feels that Sligo has a lot to offer and that it is not being used to its full potential.

“I want to fight for better infrastructure in Sligo such as broadband, the expansion of public transport, reversal of the cuts to Sligo University Hospital and investment in housing. I will also vote for public housing on public land, reduce the property tax and give a guarantee never to go on junkets. Instead I will use my position to expose corruption if it exists and to help build grassroots political movements,” Nigel said.

Nigel is cognisant of the homeless crisis in Ireland and puts housing at the top of his priorities if he is one of the new councillors elected.

“I want to ensure I effectively respond to the needs of the people of Sligo both large and small. I also want to continue the work myself and People Before Profit have been doing within the National Housing and Homeless Coalition.’’

On March 25, Nigel hosted a meet and greet with TD Richard Boyd Barrett at Dunleavy’s Corner Shop to officially launch his campaign.

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