‘I want to continue to help Sligo grow’

Cllr Marie Casserly

Cllr Marie Casserly – Independent

CLLR Marie Casserly is an independent sitting councillor who is running for re-election on May 24.
A teacher as well as a mother, she is involved in various community and county projects.

She was first elected to the council in 2014 and sees Sligo as having the potential for more growth in the coming five years.

She said: “There is an awful lot of potential for growth in Sligo and there are a lot of gaps that need to be filled and I feel like I can bridge those gaps. I have got an awful lot of
work done in the past five years and I want to continue that into the next five. I feel I bring a different brand of politics which works and I want to continue with that.”

In terms of what she brings to the table as a councillor, she highlights her determination.

“I persevere and follow things through to the end where I can. Along with that, I commit my time and energy to being a councillor and a public representative. I could put Sligo on the map when I was mayor and if re-elected I hope to continue that work and liaise with different government departments that effect Sligo to make sure we are heard and not left
out. I am on a lot of voluntary boards and I feel that I can bring their voice to the table to be heard. I can try to raise their issues at both local and national level,” she commented.

If re-elected, in her first year she hopes to keep her current momentum going.

“The first year after election will be to keep highlighting the need for investment in infrastructure in Sligo, the need for more jobs, promoting Sligo as a place to live, work and
raise a family and highlight the need to have good services for people who are sick and disabled in Sligo. I think what we have in Sligo and the North West is not like anywhere else. There is a quality of life which is unique to this part of the world,” she explained.

Cllr Casserly also explained what giving her your number one vote will mean: “My slogan when I started five years ago was people for change. My priority is not for a party but to fight for the community and the people. My priority is not party first but the community at a local and county level. With the promotion of local issues, changes do happen.”

“If people want to see me continue to do that and to continue promoting and fighting for Sligo, then I would ask them to give me their number one vote,” she said


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