Keen volunteer who has work ethic and enthusiasm

LABOUR: Nessa Cosgrove.


NESSA COSGROVE is a first-time candidate running in Sligo Strandhill for Labour.

A keen volunteer, she hopes to use that background as well as a youth worker to benefit Sligo.

She said: “I am and have always been rooted in trying to make positive changes in my community both through my everyday work as a youth worker but also through my voluntary involvement in various organisations.

“I am treasurer of Sligo Family Resource, chairperson of Cartron Community Recreational Committee and I am a Beaver Scout leader in my area. As a mother with three young children I want to make a positive difference to their lives, to my neighbour’s lives and I want to make beneficial and real changes for everyone living in the Sligo- Strandhill area.”

The red tape and difficulties people have in accessing services is something which Mrs Cosgroves hopes constituents avail of.

She said: “Through my work as a youth liaison officer here in Sligo I have supported young people and their families on a daily basis for the past 15 years; as a result of this I have the skills, experience and knowledge needed to help make people lives better. I know firsthand the many supports available to people within the voluntary, community and statutory services and I know how to effectively access them.

“I am also very aware of the gaps within service provision but as an experienced community activist and trade unionist I am used to campaigning in ways that will bring about positive changes to our individual lives and to our community.”

Not native of Sligo, Nessa Cosgrove believes that Sligo has everything.

“As a complete blow-in to Sligo, I think we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. We have everything on our doorstep here and I want to work with my fellow county councillors to make sure that Sligo is a place where job growth is encouraged in a sustainable way and to ensure that people that are lucky enough to live here can also work here,” she said.

If elected, Nessa Cosgrvoe’s main goal will be to address issues surrounding mental health services and services for those with disabilities.

“To help people to directly access the supports that are available to them and campaign for much needed supports in the areas of mental health and disability. I will safeguard the building of more social and affordable housing and strive to make Sligo a cleaner and greener place to work and live,” she said.

Enthusiasim and work ethic are part of her main message to voters.

“I am a very enthusiastic, approachable and hardworking woman with a lot of energy. I think I would be a real asset to Sligo County Council as I have and have always had a genuine commitment to the principles of equality and fairness for all. I have a strong track record of getting things done in an effective and inclusive way,” she concluded.

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