Ciara has energy and determination

CANDIDATE: Ciara McLoughlin.


CIARA MCLOUGHLIN is a Fine Gael candidate running in the Sligo-Drumcliffe electoral area.
She is running for the first time in a local election and decided to run to add a strong, new voice with experience of working in her community.

CANDIDATE: Ciara McLoughlin.

She said: “I have been involved with many local groups over the last number of years and have seen the great work that can be achieved in our local communities by working together. I feel I have a strong voice and record for being able to get things done and want to be able to bring this to other local communities in the Sligo-Drumcliffe area. I have been involved with Fine Gael for over 15 years and am delighted to be given the opportunity to run as a candidate in the local elections. People want to see new younger people in local politics and I strongly believe that I can deliver what is required for them.”
Ciara’s professional background is in law and she hopes to bring that pragmatic and diligent experience to the fore as a councillor.

“I am a solicitor by profession and have worked in a rural practice for the past 10 years, practicing in the areas of family law, property, estate planning and employment law. Through my work I have a deep understanding of the many challenges faced by residents and businesses in our area. My experience has enabled me to deal with people’s concerns and issues in an efficient and effective manner. I am approachable, hard working and most of all determined. As a first time candidate I hope to bring a new energy and fresh approach to local politics,” she said.

Ciara feels that Sligo can build much more on its potential.

She said: “For years Sligo was left behind whether it was jobs, investment in infrastructure or tourism thankfully this is not the case anymore. I want to help promote and support Sligo as an attractive location for businesses to setup and create high quality jobs. I will also advocate for the continued investment in infrastructure, farming, education and childcare ensuring that our local communities are not forgotten about. I will be a strong and active voice dealing with the issues that matter to the people of Sligo.”

Her goal after election is to make Sligo an attractive place to live and work.

She said: “If elected I believe that I have the skills, experience and know-how necessary for the role of a councillor and will campaign on your behave to ensure that the best services are delivered to our area. I have the determination and energy to work tirelessly for the people of Sligo Drumcliff to provide a voice for every member of the community so that they feel their contributions and concerns are heard and recognised. I will do all I can for you to help make our communities better places to live, learn and work in.”
Ciara’s message to the electorate is that a vote for her is a vote for a voice Sligo-Drumcliffe.

She said: “I am asking for your support in the local elections on May 24 next and I will endeavour to deliver for the people of Sligo-Drumcliffe where and however I can. I believe I can make a difference and ensure that the voice of the Sligo-Drumcliffe people will not be ignored. I am passionate about my community and want to ensure that the needs of the local people and community groups are well represented. I look forward to meeting as many people as possible over the coming weeks and to discuss with them the issues that matter in our local communities.”

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