Dara’s priorities include health and transport

CANDIDATE: Cllr Dara Mulvey.


CLLR DARA MULVEY is a member of the Sligo County Council who has represented the people of south and west Sligo for 10 years.

CANDIDATE: Cllr Dara Mulvey.

The reason behind Dara putting his name forward again for election are to help the people in his area access the services they require and to continue his community work.

“On any given day you can be approached by an individual attempting to navigate a bureaucratic maze to secure an entitlement to which they are fully deserving or you may meet with representatives of a community who want local or national government aid to advance a project they know will enhance the quality of life. In this job, every day is a school day and you learn how to focus on these challenges based on past experiences and ability to work with government officials,” he said.

One of the attributes that Dara feels he brings to the table it his willingness to listen.

“When one listens to the individual or community representatives you get a better understanding of the issue. It helps you make the case to the officials and is an invaluable aid to achieve a solution or a compromise beneficial to both side,” he said.
If re-elected, one of his priorities will be health as well as transport.

He said: “Improved healthcare for all is one of my primary focuses. I was glad to be able to one of the public representatives who lobbied for the Health Centre in Ballymote. Its popularity and success were immediately apparent to all who live in the locality. Sligo needs more of this type of Healthcare Infrastructure. I have worked hard to expand and upgrade the school transport plan to help the department recognize how complex this issue is in Rural Ireland. Applying a city type solution across the board is simply not workable.”

Cllr Mulvey hopes to promote Sligo and welcomes expansion for the region.

He said: “Growth while welcome brings challenges and I am working diligently to promote reasonable planning rules and regulations. Planning laws as they stand are often curtailing community growth and presenting difficult and expensive obstacles to people anxious to build new homes. These laws have to be complied by local people. There can be rational laws in which community growth is encouraged and accommodated without reverting to careless and irresponsible construction. Future jobs will come from as yet undeveloped
industries. Ecotourism is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide and nowhere is more suitable to expand and advance this new field. Working with the Coolaney Mountain Bike volunteers has been a great learning experience. A classic example of community knowhow. The Campaign for a Sligo Greenway shows how another community who have a vision, which is positive economically and environmentally, can tackle great odds and create a blueprint for a project that will be the envy of community groups across the country.”

His main message for the electorate is: “There are challenges ahead for South Sligo. My experience and my enthusiasm to advance the quality of life in rural Ireland makes me anxious to be a member of the team who play their part. On May 24 I ask you to allow me to continue that work. I am proud of my record, passionate about our future and will be privileged to continue the good work.”

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