Feeney is west Sligo’s man of action

CANDIDATE: Blair Feeney.


A CANDIDATE from west Sligo believes he can make a big contribution to taking the county in the right direction.

CANDIDATE: Blair Feeney.

Blair Feeney, a shop owner from Dromore West, is running again after missing out on being elected by just one vote in 2014.

He has decided to run again as someone who feels there is still a bright future for rural Ireland.

He said: “A self-employed business man with a farming background and a community focus, I feel that West Sligo needs a strong focused voice to create a better environment for the people who live and work there.

“I firmly believe that the key to change is to start at grass roots, and it is through my work in the community, working shoulder to shoulder with others, that I came to understand the importance of action. I have both chaired the meeting and swept the streets. Over the years I have put a huge emphasis on supporting local community and voluntary groups, like Tidy Towns, GAA and soccer clubs, local national schools, Darkness Into Light and many other groups. These community groups are the backbone of society and indeed rural Ireland. And with a strong voice leading the way, I believe rural Ireland can progress towards a brighter future.”

Blair has highlighted his status as west Sligo’s only candidate associated with a party, a position he feels can make a difference in bringing issues affecting the community to the highest possible level of government.

“I have worked with members of the public, local groups, sat on many boards and voluntary committees, and I am presently the chairperson of Sligo Leader Partnership. Through working with these groups, I have an awareness of what they are facing on the ground and I feel this will help bridge a gap between the people within communities and
local government.”

He said: “As a secretary of Sligo-Leitrim Fine Gael, I have built up a great relationship with many Ministers, TDs and senators. I am the only candidate in west Sligo with a political affiliation and I will be able to bring the issues facing the local government to a higher level.

“Through my day to day work, I am able to meet with and listen to the people of the area on a daily basis. I hear their concerns, I hear their problems, but I also hear the positive aspects and what the people believe needs to be done to better the environment they live in.”

For Blair, a strong sense of community is imperative, and he wants this to shine through if he is elected.

“I am not a cynical man, I am a man of action, and positive action within communities leads to positive change. I will work with the voluntary sector to develop our amenities and natural resources to further enhance county Sligo and West Sligo. This is key to boosting the economy and promoting enterprise.”

The last five years have been about growth as a potential representative and Blair is confident he enters this election as a better candidate than the one of 2014.

He said: “I have learned from my mistakes and have endeavoured to be a better community activist for my area over the course of the last five years. One of the things I have learned is to not take anything for granted. I believe that everyone has a voice, that every vote counts and in my case one vote made all the difference. I won’t be taking the people for granted, I am asking them all for their number one vote and their support.”

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