Rural life is Colm’s focus

Colm McGurran


LOCAL candidate Colm McGurran wants to reinvigorate rural life in Co. Sligo.

Colm McGurran

A first-time contestant, McGurran felt the time was right to put himself forward as he aims to improve life for young and elderly alike.

“I decided to run for Sligo County Council because I have been involved with Fianna Fail for the last 30 years. I believe that Sligo needs new faces with new ideas because our county is being left behind when it comes to tourism and we need to provide greater facilities for younger and older people. We have a lot of issues with planning permission and I know from being in the building industry it is something that needs to be addressed, especially for young people who have faced a lot of problems.”

He says that bringing business and residents into rural areas has to be a priority as the country life is at risk of disappearing completely.

“I’m self-employed and have had my own business for 20 years. I’m well involved in the community in Ballisodare, I am involved with the Sports Recreation Development Committee and the Community Council. Rural areas need greater recreational facilities, shops and restaurants because these areas are dying and that is why we need to improve the situation with planning permission and get people back into the communities, they are all moving away into towns, we need to get them back into rural Ireland again before it is wiped out.”

Local healthcare is also a primary concern for McGurran, who says that improving conditions and resources is a matter of urgency for the welfare of patients.

“In my first year I would concentrate on the health service because it is in a catastrophic state. I happened to be in Sligo University Hospital the other night and I met a woman I have known for 30 years who suffers with arthritis who had to sit for five hours before being seen for a chest infection. The situation up there needs to be addressed immediately.”

Although he is new to the local election scene, the Fianna Fail candidate says he has experience to bring to the table and new ideas learned abroad which can be applied in Sligo.

“Voting for me is voting for change and a brand new voice. I have been involved in Fianna Fáil for 30 years, I have travelled and worked in places like England, America and Switzerland and I believe what I learned in those places I can bring with me to Sligo to make it a better place for everyone.”

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