‘After 5 years on council, I’ve a strong track record’

CANDIDATE: Cllr Sinead Maguire.


CLLR SINÉAD MAGUIRE will contest her second local election on May 24.

Her decision to run in 2014 was predicated on the everyday issues that arose and wanting to help people address those and coming into 2019, that feeling remains the same.

She said: “I was motivated to run for the council after my first child was born and recognised that there were many every day issues that arose which affect families and
communities, which the County Council can positively impact.

“I have always felt passionate about grassroots involvement in improving people’s quality of life and working as a councillor is a great way to facilitate this and work to improve local communities. After five years on the council, I have a strong track record and want to continue to be a voice for my community and to make Sligo a better place for families to live and work in.
“Growing up on the border during the Troubles, I have always had an interest in politics and been aware how it can directly impact people’s lives.”

Cllr Maguire feels her record since election best displays what she brings as a councillor.

“I bring a strong track record from my first term as Councillor. My work on the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) has delivered funding under the Leader Programme, The Healthy Ireland, Peace IV and the Community Enhancement programmes which has assisted communities across Sligo in delivery of defiblilators, community gardens, sports and fitness equipment to name a few.”

“As a member of the Maritime Board I have lobbied hard and been successful in securing
funding for the Surf Centre of Excellence in Strandhill under the Rural Regeneration Fund and as the first female chair securing Interreg funding for Queen Meave’s Trail and the Devil’s Chimney walks as part of the Border Uplands Project,” she said.
In her other profession as a solicitor, Cllr Maguire feels she brings mediation skills and a passion for advocating people’s rights.”

She said: “As a solicitor my work has always been in the area of human rights advocating for those who are on the margins of society, it seemed a natural step to continue representing people in the political sphere. Through my training as a mediator I have a keen sense of bringing people together to reach a consensus. Having set up my business during the bust I am aware of the everyday difficulties business owners face and the pressures they face to continue to maintain their businesses.”

If re-elected, Cllr Maguire hopes to build structures across transport, the environment, education and Sligo’s economy going forward.

She said: “I will be developing a roadmap for Sligo to be an environmentally conscious town in terms of transport, waste management, plastic reduction and energy consumption,
which will improve quality of life for all. The plan will include business, households, schools and organisations. I will also continue to advocate for Sligo to be a number one location top attract business and high quality jobs into by improving infrastructure and facilities to
ensure quality of life for all families.”

Cllr Maguire’s main message to the electorate is community representation which she backs up with her record as a councillor. She said: “I have a proven track record of dedication, hard work, and integrity which has delivered for the people of Sligo-Strandhill. I commit to representing my community again and seek to deliver improvements in their quality life at every opportunity on the county council.”

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