Gallagher: Encourage young to stay in Sligo

Barry Gallagher


BARRY GALLAGHER is an independent candidate who is running for election in the Ballymote and Tubbercurry area.

His interest in politics and decision to run was borne from his involvement in his community.

He said: “I decided to run for the first time after being involved in a number of different community initiatives.

“I am probably best known locally for setting up a successful electrical contracting company at a young age which is now in business for 17 years and I meet a lot of people through that business.

“I am chairman of my local GAA club and I am also involved in a number of projects in my native Curry and in the surrounding areas.”

Youth and an independent outlook are some of the qualities that Barry hopes to bring to
the council chamber if elected.

He said: “I am young, energetic and I love a challenge. I have no allegiance to any party so I will not have to follow any party protocols.

“I feel we are missing a strong, hardworking voice for south Sligo at the table in the council.

“I speak to locals on a daily basis and I feel there is much more that can be done at a local
level. I can be their voice in local politics. I can stop talking to them about missed opportunities and poor resourcing and start getting things done.”

Getting young people to remain in Sligo is a goal for Barry if elected.

“We need to start encouraging our young people and showing them that you can live and work in Sligo. I will be encouraging young people who are suited to it to go on for apprenticeships as college isn’t for everyone.

“In farming, Brexit is on everyone’s minds. I am part of the Sligo Beef Plan Movement. We need to all work together to be the order makers rather than order takers.

“We are currently on a boil water notice for 12 months, which is unacceptable. I am
part of the Lough Talt Warrior Group who are working on the ground to get this issue

“Housing is a major issue in our area with no houses to rent or buy. I will work with the planners on issues that arise to slow down or derail planning.

“Security in our rural areas is paramount. Farmers, families and senior citizens are at
risk of been burgled. I am currently working on a Safe Town project for Tubbercurry with An Garda Síochána and will take learnings from this further afield.”

If he is elected, Barry hopes to address issues surrounding youth disconnect and also issues involving farmers.

“My main goals in the first year will be our youth, to educate them in the opportunities in our local communities.

“I will encourage our farmers to join the Sligo Beef Plan Movement and work with them together to help them in getting better prices from the Co-ops, insurance companies
and suppliers.

“I will look for accountability in relation to our boil water notice. I will push to get the Safe Town project in Tubbercurry up and running and get this system installed in other local towns.”

He said: “I am a young, energetic and hard-working Independent candidate. I am from south Sligo and proud of it. I want to be the voice for our community. On May 24, vote Barry Gallagher Independent No. 1 and I won’t let you down.”

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