Commitment to country, county and community

CANDIDATE: Cllr Chris MacManus from Sinn Fein.


CHRIS MACMANUS, pictured below, has been involved in politics for all of his adult life.

Cllr MacManus is running for the Sligo Strandhill area
of Sligo.

He said: “I’ve been active in Republican politics since my mid-teens having been raised in a home where commitment to your community, county and country was important. First elected to the former Sligo Corporation in 1999, I have an appetite for constituency work
whether for individuals or community issues and enjoy being able to cut through red tape and bureaucracy that many citizens find hard to negotiate. The feedback from many people I assist, from the wider community and indeed from around the County is that they want to see progressive Irish Republicans in the Council Chamber engaging with officialdom, who will fight for the ordinary citizen. That’s why I want to run, to challenge the status quo.”

He points to his work ethic and straight talking approach as some of his strengths.

He said: “Common sense, straight talking and a determination to make the views of ordinary citizens heard. Also, a committed work ethic. I’m the only local councillor to hold weekly clinics working on a full-time basis as an elected representative and I pledge to continue that level of constituency work if honoured to be returned to represent Sligo/Strandhill. I also think there’s a role for the council to highlight issues that it may not be within the council’s responsibility. I will unashamedly use my platform as a councillor to demand the immediate development of capital projects, such as a cathlab and diabetic unit, for Sligo University Hospital or the need for university status for IT Sligo.”

“By promoting positive economic and social change locally, that assist the many and not the few. Too often, decisions are made that enhance a small number of individuals rather than the common good. An example were recent proposals to rezone land to build more houses in Strandhill village with no regard on the pressure on local services. Thankfully, common sense prevailed after several us objected to such a proposal. We need to understand that our role as a Council is to facilitate and build an infrastructure that allows others from different sectors a chance to flourish, but only if they enhance the wider community in the town and county. I also think it’s important to promote and recognise Sligo’s role as the strategic and economic capital of the North West and to work towards the enhancement of Sligo City’s commercial centre.”

Housing in Sligo is top of Chris’s priorities if he is elected come May 24.

He said: “Affordable housing for those caught in the private rented sector and struggling to gather a deposit. A fast-tracked programme of social housing for the thousand plus families on the Council’s housing list. Action on both issues will take the pressure off an overheated
local private rental sector that has seen rents spiralling upwards and forced many families to live in overcrowded or unsuitable conditions. On a personal note, two projects that I have long promoted – the Sligo East and Cranmore Regeneration plan and the need for a
new Sligo Central Library worthy of our community will continue to be priorities for me.”

His message to the electorate is his strong Republican values mixed with a desire for social and economic justice.

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