I plan to progress projects Margaret fought hard for

CANDIDATE: Willie Gormley.


DESPITE her small stature, the shoes of the late Cllr Margaret Gormley are huge to fill.
Her nephew Willie, pictured below, an independent candidate like his aunt, wants to continue the strong Gormley tradition in local politics.

Willie said: “The Gormley name has had a voice in Sligo politics for the last 77 years. Growing up, it was a privilege to watch Margaret dedicate her life to helping others. She was a true ambassador for her constituents in South and West Sligo and local politics. She will be sorely missed by the people of Sligo. In honour of her dedication, I would like to continue the Gormley name in local politics. I have always had a keen interest in politics
and through her work ethic, I got a view of what is involved.”

Experience working in IT and of living in large urban centres as well as having a rural background are qualities that Willie believes he brings as a potential councillor.

He said: “With a background of over 20 years in IT, I have been involved in implementing projects across Ireland, UK and Canada. I feel my strengths are two– fold. I live in a rural area and therefore see the issues affecting families every day from transport, clean water, roads to poor broadband. I also work remotely and see the advantages and opportunities, which are now available to enhance our lives. I am young, enthusiastic and I am not afraid to speak up and address any issues, which are presented to me.”

A member of the diaspora who returned to make a living in Sligo, Willie hopes to make Sligo an attractive place to live.

“I am proud to be from Sligo and this was the main reason why my wife and I returned to Sligo once we had children.

“We felt from our own childhoods, it was a great place to raise a family. As a remote worker, I was able to relocate my job and see the importance of having the correct infrastructure implemented in Sligo.

“It would be my hope that other families would have that option to stay in Sligo or return.
Increased access to high speed broadband services is essential for present and future job creation and this will be one of my core policies,” he said.

The N17 and progress on the Lough Talt situation are top of the list for Willie if he is elected.

He said: “If elected, I will look to progress some projects that were held closely to my family in the past, which Margaret fought passionately for progress on, such as the upgrading of the N17 and third-class roads, upgrading of the water treatment plant at Lough Talt. In addition, I would like to focus on improving transport links for rural areas and enhancement of rural services. I would also like to focus on job creation through entrepreneurship training and upskilling, introduction of 5G to County Sligo, the Greenway, remote working and development of tourist attractions in South and West Sligo to create employment and increase revenue for local business.”

Willie’s main message to the electorate is that he vows to continue the work by his aunt Margaret and his grandfather previously of fighting for rural communities in Sligo.

He said: “It would be an honour to retain the Gormley seat for all the work that Margaret has completed in the last 39 years and my grandfather Willie previously. I wish to build on Margaret’s determination, success and hard work ethic. I hope that the electorate will come
out on the 24th of May to vote for me and give me the opportunity to prove myself to the people of County Sligo.”

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