‘It is imperative we take action on climate change’

CANDIDATE: Miranda O'Donnell.


MIRANDA O’DONNELL is running in the local election for the Sligo-Strandhill area.

The issues surrounding climate change and the need for action are the main reasons for Miranda putting her name forward.

She said: “I believe we need a strong voice for the environment in Sligo. We are facing serious threats from plastic pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss, and it’s imperative that we take action locally, nationally and internationally to safeguard the future for our children and grandchildren.”

Being a good listener and a determination to solve issues are some of the main attributes she feels she would bring as a councillor.

She said: “I listen to people’s concerns. I strive to learn as much as I can about the issues, and am determined to find the best way to solve problems.”

Miranda would like to see more emphasis on walkways and rail if she is elected.

“I was delighted to learn about the new Bike Sharing Scheme that the Council is bringing in. I would like to see more walking and biking trails help us all to get more active and
healthy. I would love to see improvements to the rail service between Sligo and Dublin and a better public transportation service to help commuters.

“We need to do everything we can to protect our natural environment here in the North West, and that would include signing on to the National Pollinator Plan to protect

“I would like to increase support for our great community organisations like Aid the Ocean, the Sligo Environmental Network, and many others,” she said.

There are a plethora of issues which Miranda would like to focus on if she is elected. In her first year she hopes to bring forward issues surrounding illegal dumping and also further the fight against single use plastic.

She said: “There are many issues that are important. For example, I have heard from several local people that they are very concerned about illegal dumping in the rural areas. I
am determined to find out why this is happening, and to look at the way we pay for refuse and recycling.

“If people are struggling to pay refuse charges and resort to illegal dumping, is there a way we can help in this situation? I would hope that I could work on biodiversity and habitat protection and continue the battle against single use plastic.”

Miranda’s main message is that she will work hard to help the people and the environment of Sligo.

“I love Sligo and the people I’ve met here. It’s a privilege to live here and I will work hard to help people and protect the environment,” she said.

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