The Sligo Weekender sales team ensures that our customers have easy access to the most effective advertising medium in the North-West. 


A combination of a customer-focused approach, unrivalled ad concept and design expertise and competitive advertising packages ensures that our advertisers reach their target market in Sligo and neighbouring counties in the most effective way possible.


Our key clients include many of Sligo’s leading businesses.  These clients are experienced professionals and know what works in terms of maximising their advertising spend – they have chosen the Sligo Weekender as their preferred choice when implementing promotional campaigns. Our customer’s success ensures our success.


Advertising Team:


Dorothy Crean

Advertising Manager 



Advertising Copy:


¼ Page 165mm x 110mm

½ Page 165mm x 265mm

Full Page 330mm x 265mm


Website Advertising:


Banner 1:  350 x 200 pix

Banner 2: 486 x 60 pix

Video banner: 350 x 200 pix

Head banner: 728 x 90 pix

Skyscraper: 126 x 600 pix

Flash banner: 350 x 200 pix

Small flash: 150 x 200 pix


Advertising Deadlines:

Run of Paper: Dependant upon page position

Classifieds: Friday 3.30pm

Motoring Classified: Monday 12pm

Planning Notices: Monday 12pm

Services: Wednesday 5.30pm


Memorial Service – Sample designs, verses and brochure service


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