Group play trad with a twist


Irish traditional music can get lost in the mix of our modern society, with new pop music out every day, so when something extraordinary in the world of trad music comes along, it should be celebrated.


This Is How We Fly (200x133)
BAND: This Is How We Fly play in The Model

This Is How We Fly is a Irish traditional band with a twist of contemporary influences. The four-member band brings a new life to Irish traditional music, each member different in his own way.

This Is How We Fly perform in The Model on Sunday, February 15 at 6pm (note the early evening start time).

Members of This Is How We Fly include Caoimhin O Raghallaigh (fiddle and hardanger fiddle), Sean Mac Erlaine (Clarinets and live electronics), Nic Gareiss (percussive dance) and Petter Berndalen (drums and percussion) who all bring their own vibe to the group, each of them coming from different backgrounds and music traditions.

The group includes three different nationalities too – Irish, Swedish and Appalachian.

Old music in a new environment is certainly something to check out.

Tickets are on sale from The Model box office on 071-9141405 or online at for €16 (€12 concession or €8 for under 18s) for their performance in The Model on February 15 at 6pm.

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