Bishop ‘regretful’ for hurt caused by his comments


THE Bishop of Elphin has spoken of his regret over comments he made on radio last week in relation to same-sex marriage.

OFFENCE: Bishop Kevin Doran issued an apology for any offence his comments on parenting may have caused.
OFFENCE: Bishop Kevin Doran issued an apology for any offence his comments on parenting may have caused.

Last week, the newly appointed Bishop likened homosexuality to having down’s syndrome or having spina bifida.

He said “It would be wrong to suggest that everything that happens, happens because God intends it. If that were the case, we’d be talking about a very different kind of God.

“It is [misleading] in the sense that what people are campaigning for is not marriage because by definition same-sex relationships includes some elements such as love, care, affection, and long-term commitment but it doesn’t include procreation and produce one of the essential dimensions of marriage.”

In his first public appearance following last week’s remarks, Dr Doran was eager to express his regret over what he had said.

He told the congregation during Mass at the Cathedral in Sligo of his regret.
“One of the things I suppose that happens in that situation is you don’t always choose your words or images as carefully as you would in a statement. I’m conscious that whatever the situation, some people were hurt by either what I said or what they thought I had said and I very much regret that,” he commented.
The Bishop’s remarks were described by Archbishop Dr Diarmud Martin, head of the Irish Catholic Church as “an unfortunate phrase”.

Dr Martin has called on members of the clergy in Ireland to not use insensitive language in speaking on the same-sex marriage debate.
In a homily he gave at Mass at the weekend, he called for a new vision for God.
“Too often we have looked on God as a relentless judge. When we think in that way, our faith becomes harsh and we become harsh within ourselves and in our interaction with others and we betray the real truth about God, that he is love.”

Last week, the Archbishop refused to comment on whether Bishop Kevin Doran still had his confidence in the wake of his remarks.

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