Sligo will have ‘Citizen Archaelogy’ for Armada


Members of the public will have an opportunity to join a major search for relics from the Spanish Armada wreckage at Streedagh Beach in the coming weeks.

The Grange and Armada Development Association will be conducting a large survey of Streedagh Beach for artefacts that may have been washed up during the recent winter storms and gone undiscovered.

Donal Gilroy, of the GADA, explained why the event, called ‘Citizen Archaeology’ is being organised.

“When I’m out for a walk, I need to concentrate carefully to try and spot something different between the stones whereas if you have a large group you can carry out a proper survey of the entire area. When you are on your own you could walk over one area ten times and miss something and then just hit luck once,” he said.

The search is scheduled to take place at the end of April or in early May, subject to weather.

Mr Gilroy recently came across a cannonball on the beach which had been washed ashore from the doomed fleet.
Read all about his fascinating find in the week’s Sligo Weekender newspaper. In stores now.

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