Kieran launches second album with 32 county tour


SLIGO pianist Kieran Quinn is set to launch his second album and embark on a nationwide tour to promote it this autumn.

PIANO MAN: Sligo musician Kieran Quinn will play 32 different pianos on tour.
PIANO MAN: Sligo musician Kieran Quinn will play 32 different pianos on tour.

The tour for the former county footballer has a bit of twist in the sense that it involves playing 32 different pianos across Ireland.

The pianist/composer’s second album, entitled ‘The Next One’ will be officially launched at The Sugar Club in Dublin as part of Kieran’s 32 counties tour.
Kieran spoke to the Sligo Weekender about the process behind ‘The Next One’.

“It was December 2013 (when I started it) and I would say about summer of 2014 I started to write material. I recorded it then over this summer in June and July and I have it my hand now,” Kieran said.

The album takes in more than just piano and there is variety for those who pick up ‘The Next One’.

“There is a mix in there. It is not all piano. There is a mix of instrumental tunes and songs. There is also a variety of collaborators. On the first album I did there were 20 guests. With this one there is not quite as many guests but there is seven and that is other musicians and singers.”

“It was a question of writing the music first and then figuring out what instrument would best suit that. From there you approach another musician and come to an arrangement,” Kieran said.

For the full interview with Kieran Quinn. Pick up a copy of this week’s Sligo Weekender newspaper – in shops now.

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