Canvassing crew appeal for a Yes from Sligo


Sligo took part in Ireland’s national canvas day for the Marriage Equality Referendum on Saturday last.

STREETS: Canvassers on O'Connell Street campaigning for a Yes vote in tomorrow's marriage referendum.
STREETS: Canvassers on O’Connell Street campaigning for a Yes vote in tomorrow’s marriage referendum.

People from Sligo flocked to the streets and doorsteps to ask their neighbours, friends and community to vote Yes on May 22.

The Yes Equality Sligo canvas was part of a national canvas day which saw 10,000 people speak to hundreds of thousands of people in every city, town and village of Ireland.

Chris MacManus, Yes Equality Sligo said, “Every evening, local volunteers are canvassing houses all over Sligo. The mass canvas seeks to remind people that their yes vote matters on May 22.

“On the doorsteps, people want to know why civil partnership isn’t enough and why are we asking for civil marriage. We explain that only a couple in a civil marriage are viewed as family and receive constitutional protections. Put simply civil partnership is separate and unequal.

“We also get asked about the impact of the referendum on children. Once we explain to people that Ireland’s leading children’s organisations ISPCC and Barnardos are calling for a Yes vote because it will actually help and support children, people understand that voting Yes is in the best interest of children.”

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