Sligo inspires new novel


SLIGO has served as inspiration for many writers.

LAUNCH: The official book launch for 'Living with Juno' takes place in Hargadon's Bar tomorrow (Friday) at 5.30pm.
LAUNCH: The official book launch for ‘Living with Juno’ takes place in Hargadon’s Bar tomorrow (Friday) at 5.30pm.

Be they Yeats, Stoker or in recent times Kate Winter, Sligo’s scenery and people have been the basis for many author’s creative juices starting to flow.

The latest addition to the list of authors coming Sligo is novelist Emma Bellemy. She has just published ‘Living with Juno’ a tale of a woman in her 40s who has relocated and found new friendship in a hilarious book which will make you laugh and weep in equal measures.

Emma gives a brief outline of what readers can come to expect when they pick up her book.

“It [Living with Juno] has been listed under several categories. One is romance, one is humour and the other is self-help because with any book there is a thread of self discovery. The heroine meets a series of heroes and villains and experiences lessons as a result of these encounters and she grows throughout the book.

“There is a sense of discovering who you are and at the end of the book there are things which are unresolved for readers and will, in all likelihood, go back and read parts of it that they thought they were reading because there is a dynamic that is going in the book that is a surprise,” Emma said.

The book aside, Emma has fallen in love with Sligo since first coming here just over a year ago. In an interesting aside, she has ancestors from Sligo as well.
Since deciding to come here, Emma has decided to get back writing straight away and already she has a new story in the pipeline, based on her experiences in Ireland with Sligo offering itself as the primary location for the story.

For the full interview with Emma Bellemy, pick up a copy of this week’s Sligo Weekender newspaper. In shops now.

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