New full time psychiatrist but group say they will continue campaign

Advocaes of the Enough is Enough movement with local representatives from Sligo and Leitrim

The HSE announced this week that a full-time consultant psychiatrist for CAMHS Sligo/Leitrim has been recruited and commenced work on Tuesday in Sligo.

However, the Our Voice, Their Future group of parents who have been protesting about services, while welcoming the appointment, say they will continue their campaign.

The HSE said the new consultant was providing clinical leadership, guidance and direction to the Non Consultant Hospital Doctors (NCHDS) and the wider CAMHS team.

“The commencement of this Consultant post is very welcome and should help to stabilise the current service pressures.”

The HSE also said that a further full time consultant psychiatrist was already approved for Sligo/Leitrim and they were actively recruiting at present.

“Sligo Leitrim CAMHS is committed to the provision of a quality and safe CAMHS service to the people of Sligo Leitrim and every effort is being made to recruit and attract the required staff to provide the service.”

The Our Voice, Their Future group of parents welcomed the fact that a new consultant has been sourced but said “we as a group remain skeptical”.

In a statement they said: “With the constant turn around of consultants over the last few years and the fact that they cannot be tied to a timeline of a contract it remains to be seen how long this consultant remains in their position.

“It is unclear when the recruitment of a second full time consultant will take place.”

The group said they also need a part time consultant recruited.

“The length of the list will take some time to be dealt with as well as new referrals being seen.

They also said that they will continue their campaign both in relation to psychiatric care as well as all the other services that badly need changing.

“This is a positive move in the right direction but it is only a very small step in a system that needs to be overhauled,” they say.

In this week’s paper, a mother has spoken of the her frustration at the lack of mental health services in the North West.

Her full interview is in this week’s Sligo Weekender.

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New full time psychiatrist but group say they will continue campaign, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating